our weekend.

weekends always go too fast, don't they?
even when i work extra during the week so i can have fridays off and make it a 3 day weekend, it's still not long enough somehow.

this past week has been yucky for me, as far as pregnancy goes. i've been feeling like i'm back in my first trimester, but even worse. so so tired all the time and sick to my stomach most all the time, too. zero.fun.sir. (name that movie?!)

so this weekend we still tried to sneak in some fun even though i was probably a less than desirable person to hang out with (sorry Jae! but you're the best!)

first stop: IKEA.

we picked up some awesome stuff, probably my favorite being this super cute little shelving unit/bookcase for baby girl's nursery :)

we also got some curtains for the nursery (even though Jae protested pink at first, he kinda just caved and we got pink. where else can you decorate with some pink and not get crap for it? duh), a few randoms for the kitchen, oh and these super fun canister thingies that i have no idea what we'll do with yet but we loved them and had to get them! (can't find a pic so i'll have to take one and post it later).

next stop: SCHEELS.
scheels opened a few months ago, but it's so far away and we've never had a real reason to go yet, so we had yet to make the stop. but this time, leaving IKEA, i knew Jae had really been wanting to go, and my stomach was ok for the moment, so i said sure, let's stop.

it is quite the place! not that i took any pictures of the awesome inside, of course (if you haven't been, think a store similar to cabella's, the size of a small mall just by itself, ginormous fish tanks, and a ferris wheel in the middle). it has everything from clothing to guns to paintballing stuff to shoes to sports stuff to a food court. Jae ended up with a handy dandy new knife. he was pretty pleased.

saturday morning started with breakfast!
i really want to try to make the most of these last few weeks just Jae and i before baby comes, so i make it a point to have husband take me out on a date every weekend. usually we go to dinner somewhere, but this time, i woke up saturday feeling half starved and suggested we do breakfast instead of dinner. so we did.

of course, a few bites into it, i was feeling pretty iffy again and had to stop eating. but what i did eat was good still, so it was ok.

and yes, Jae decided it would be so hilarious when he was shaving his face friday night (after much prodding and elbowing from his wife) to leave a bit of a 'stache. he purposely smiled like this to emphasize the mustache when i took this pic. don't worry - it only lasted a day.

saturday afternoon led to the usual - grocery shopping.
blech. one of my least favorite things. but this time, we stopped by the home decor section (smith's marketplace - gotta love that store!) and found their lamps were on sale plus they had a coupon for another 20% off. we've been looking for lamps for our night stands in our room for awhile now, and just never found any we liked enough to buy, or didn't want to spend the money at the time. but we found some we liked and with the sale, could hardly pass them up.


dinnertime: grilled burgers.
since we had gone out for breakfast, we decided for dinner to pull out some burgers and grill em up! (yes, i got about halfway through mine and again - the stomach. ugh! it was good up until then, though!)

sunday was just the usual - church, Jae had a couple meetings, nap time for pup and me, and family dinner at my parents. didn't take any pictures. it's nice to lay low with the cell phone on sundays. know what i mean?

hope you had a good weekend!


  1. I need an Ikea trip in my life. Love the bookshelf and lamps!

    1. Oh, and I'm sorry you feel sick. That's yucky. :(

  2. obsessed with the cute book case!