pregnancy thoughts {pt. 5}

*this pregnancy post will be a little different. Camille over on My Mommy Style is also pregnant and does this cute questionnaire thing as her pregnancy progresses, and i thought it'd be fun to steal the questions and post them myself.

{i do not enjoy any pictures of myself these days, but i'm forcing myself to post them for documenting purposes. and trying to keep a little perspective while i'm at it...ugh}

How far along? 30 weeks (!!!!!)
Maternity Clothes? heck yes. well, my pants/skirts/dresses are most all maternity. but i actually only have one true maternity shirt (and just others i bought a size {or two} up).
Sleep: meh. who needs sleep right? i'll never get "enough" sleep for the next xx years anyway. i do sleep, but i wake up every time i switch sides, or when i need to push pup out of the way, or of course - to use the little girls room. so yes, i sleep. but no, it's not great sleep. oh and yes - the heartburn has appeared recently. holy worst thing ever (so far).
Best moment this week: does getting some Zantac finally and not having heartburn last night count?? besides that, a couple of my nieces got to feel baby girl move around, and that was fun and sweet :)
Movement: it seems i mostly feel her around 9-10pm and then around 2am-ish. and then just sporadically during the day. she's getting big enough now we can just sit and watch my belly move rather than putting a hand up to my belly to feel her move. weird and awesome!
Food cravings: haven't really had any substantial cravings at all, ever. i seem to like salty things a lot, which is probably not great for my swelling feet and ankles, but i figure i drink tons of water to help balance it out. cutler's sandwiches and cookies sound really tasty basically every day of my life, so i guess that could count as a craving. i also eat a lot of peanut butter.
Anything making you queasy or sick? not really. my appetite feels like it's changing a bit again since i stopped feeling sick after my first trimester. and mixed with this heartburn starting up, it just makes me not want to eat at all sometimes. but it's not necessarily the food making me feel sick. hello pregnancy weirdness.
Have you started to show yet? uh....yeah. started that about week 13...
Gender: GIRL!!!!!! (although i'll be honest - i have anxiety about her coming out a 'he' sometimes. not because i wouldn't love having a boy, but just because everything is ready for a baby girl to come..).
Labor Signs: nothing yet, which is good. although sometimes i wonder if i'm feeling braxton hicks. but i don't think they really are.
Belly Button in or out? belly button is.....flat? i started with a pretty far in inney. it's been gradually making its way out for weeks now. it's not quite out yet, just kind of in a mostly flat, still partially in stage. it's one of the weirdest things about pregnancy to me.
Weddings rings on or off? unfortunately, as of about 2 weeks ago - off  :( they were just getting really tight and difficult to get on and off and i really didn't want them being stuck on my finger and my finger falling off. so jae graciously picked out a 'new' wedding ring for me and reinacted his original proposal haha. so i still have one on my finger, just not my real one. felt weird to just not have one at all.
Happy or Moody most of the time:ummm maybe this is a better question for my co-workers or Jae to answer haha. i think i'm still happy most the time. but i feel less and less comfortable as the days/weeks go by, so maybe more moody than say, last week? depends on how well i sleep the night before, i guess!
Looking forward to: september. i'll be 35+ weeks and it will be (better be) cooler than 90-100 degrees.

feeling more blessed and more humbled as each week passes. 
i am so excited to meet this little sweetheart.


  1. Haha, I love that Jae reinacted his original proposal. He's a keeper. You are rocking that bump cute Mama. I can hardly wait to see pictures of your baby girl when she arrives.

  2. 30 weeks already? wow! How time flies when it's not happening to me :)

  3. 30 weeks?? When did that happen? That makes your due date seem crazy soon. I can't wait to have a new niece!

  4. what a fun questionnaire! you'll love reading this later. you look darling, so don't even think about not posting pictures because we love seeing them! XOXO so excited for you!