family baby shower.

my cute sisters, mom, and nieces planned a joint Frederickson/Horrocks family baby shower. it was pink and yellow themed (and yes - even my sister's walls are a light pink color so it's a good thing it wasn't a boy's baby shower!). everyone did such a cute job putting everything together. it was all so dang cute!

{sidenote: please disregard my chubs face....thankss. oh and i wanted to add - extra thanks to my sis Kellie for putting a lot of the shower together and for her awesome present of a lot of the little things but the things we'll definitely need! i didn't get a picture of it, but wanted to make sure it's in here :) thanks again, Kel!}

thanks again family!!! 

 now for the goods:

chair made just for me :)

fruit baby! kind of creepy, but kind of awesome, no??!

we played a "break the water and get the baby out" game. i'm sure that's not an official title, but that's essentially what it was - they froze tiny plastic babies in ice cubes and we had a break the 'water' to get the baby out contest (using nothing but yourself...aka no tools or anything to help). i'd never seen this before! pretty funny.

crib mattress from my parents

hat for baby girl - not mom. right.

an elephant bum. sooo cute!
little pj pants with ducky feet. Hattie thought those were a crack-up ;)

fun baby quote block from Winney the Pooh (from Jae's mom)

this was a handmade bib from Jae's great grandma (so baby girl's great great grandma!). Jae's mom has had it saved for this long! how sweet is that? definitely frame-and-put-on-wall worthy.

clippies for baby girl's hair. seriously, they almost made me cry they were so adorable.

Jae's grandma Watson has a history of making quilts for new babies in the family. she passed away earlier this year, so she's not here to make one for our little girl, so Jae's mom was so sweet and got this quilt to give in her place. love the purple, it's perfect.

pink and stripes and ruffles!!

teeny tiny little cropped sweater. hard to believe we'll have something that will fit into these things!

i'd been eyeing this little love at target for awhile, but used my best skills to refrain from buying it. sis-in-law Audree somehow just knew i wanted it so bad! and she got it. can't wait til next summer to put baby girl in it!
an amazing silk dress with little matching bloomers all the way from the source - China. so sweet!
and of course - some diapers! yahoo!!


  1. how darling! that watermelon-- ahh so creative! love all the pics. someone captured this so well for you! XO
    the well-traveled wife

  2. such a cute shower! You got some amazing gifts!! and you looks so dang cute!

  3. sooooo cute!! and you are looking so cute!! i need to see you stat.

  4. Karen was telling me about it, it sounded so cute and fun! Looks you got some good stuff. :)

  5. You are adorable! And I love the pics! Now you better start hinting at what things you still need ;)