Jae and i finally switched back to verizon wireless after having crap at&t for 3.5 years. (he actually had it longer; i made the sacrifice and switched over when we got married. bad idea.)

anyway, we are back in the verizon saddle (i actually have service while at work, it's a christmas miracle!) and we got some new phones to prove it.

downside? i lost all my beloved pictures in the process.
upside? we were able to save all of jae's to a memory card.

i haven't gone through them yet and there are one's i need so i can post about some recent happenings, so hopefully that'll happen by....this weekend? sure.

anyway, i gots the iPhone 4S and jae got the Galaxy S4.
i think we're both pretty happy :)

so while we're busy playing around and getting to know our new phones (you all do that too, right? something new and exciting to mess with!), i'm sure i'll get back to blogging some day.

happy tuesday!


  1. What was bad about AT&T?
    My hubby and I have Verizon right now and to upgrade to smart phones through them basically doubles our monthly charges.
    So we were considering AT&T or T-Mobile

    1. hey! yes, verizon can be more pricey than others. but the service is worth it. for our particular situation, i didn't get hardly any at&t service at my work at all. and when you spend 40+ hours a week at a place that you don't even get cell reception.....i was basically paying for nothing! and even a few places in our own house we couldn't get service. we just felt like we paid all this money every month and we could use our phones like, maybe half the time.

      i'm much happier paying for verizon (which actually is pretty much the same price for us) and actually being able to use my phone all the time.

  2. I was forced to switch from T-Mobile to Verizon when we first moved to our apartment after getting married because I got no service otherwise. So weird how that works.

    One day Matt and I will get on the smartphone wagon...when we both stop being such big cheapskates...

  3. YAY for new phones!! I H.A.T.E.D. being with AT&T when we were with them. hooray for awesome service :)