construction zone.

Jae and i had the pleasure of waking up to the loud sounds of this a couple mornings ago:

{yes, i took this through the window so you get the nice screen effect.}

they're building a new house right next door to us, which is all great and dandy and hasn't really been too much of a problem for us, i suppose, except when they brought this concrete truck in with all it's loudness and back-up beeps you can hear a mile away and started working at 5:15 AM.
are you even kidding me right now??!

yes, i called the city, confirmed the city's sound ordinance is 6AM, and then kindly told them how early they were there working that morning. they said they'd send someone to have a chat with the contractor.
since then, i haven't seen (or heard) them there working until after i leave for work, which is 6:30-6:45ish.
darn right.

they're also working on developing the 10+ empty acres behind our house, so it's only the very beginning of a summer of construction surrounding us. not sure how i feel about that.

in other news, it's the weekend!!!!!!!
and father's day weekend, at that!
great time for bbq'ing, swimming, working & playing outside, spending time with family.
and taking naps?
yes, and taking naps.

i cannot wait.

 {Jae like to practice holding a baby by holding Zo like this. basically she hates every second of it.}

happy weekend to you all 
happy father's day to all the awesome dads out there :)

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