thoughts on pregnancy {pt. tres}.

 {hello awkward pictures. thank goodness (for your sake's) 
i'm not trying to be some sort of fashion blogger, eh?}

*this nasal inflammation 24/7 is getting old. i'm not sick (which i'm not complaining about!) and i don't have allergies (which i'm also most definitely not complaining about!) but my nose is just stuffy and annoying all.the.time.

*i had a cute older lady ask me in church this last week if i was about 6 or 7 months along. i told her, nope, i'm just 5.5 and big. no worries! just big. i tried not to let it get to me too much, cuz really, she's a really cute old lady and i like her.

*i'm pretty much full-time in some sort of maternity wear or at least leggings of some kind 7 days a week, at this point. i wore a regular pair of pants last week, and not only did i have the elastic holding the button part together, but i couldn't even pull my zipper up one tiny centimeter. yes, it was a good day to be wearing an extra long shirt!

*i have hypothyroidism, which means i tend to be cold and sleepy a lot of the time regularly. it's pretty normal for women who get pregnant to have to up their dose to keep up with everything going on during pregnancy. i was doing ok during my first trimester, but at my last appointment, we checked my levels again, and had to up my dose from 125 mcgs to 150 mcgs. i've been feeling a bit better for the last couple of weeks, but i'm starting to get extra tired again. it's hard to differentiate between just normal pregnancy tired and low thyroid tired. we'll check it again in a few weeks so we'll see if i'm low again.

*i do feel like i definitely don't sleep so well anymore. (and yes - i know - only to get worse and more uncomfortable the bigger i get). i am normally a total belly sleeper, so since that option is now out, i just switch back and forth from side to side all night long. and my hips are hurting! it's not terrible yet, but i wake up most every time i need to switch to the other side. which makes for getting good sleep not the easiest.

*the nursery is coming along! Jae (with the help of his brother, Jordan) finished up the beadboard and baseboards. now we just have to put the finishing pieces along the top of it and paint it. we still have the dang spare bed in there, so we need to get that out asap, and then we'll have a lot more room to get stuff where they need to be. we got a super cute blanket at home goods the other night that will go perfectly in there, i think, and i'm super excited about it!

*we also may or may not have bought a super cute winter full-body cozy little outfit that's all white and has a hood with little ears on it! and the inside of the hood is light green striped! well! what did you expect us to do??? not buy it?!

*basically everything and anything makes me cry. a little pup running on the side of the road all by himself, clearly not close to home. songs on the radio. any random stories about babies, good or bad. just thinking about the whole birthing experience. Jae not calling me after so many hours (when i know he's busy working....). seeing the sweet babies in the ICU at work. thinking about coming back to work after baby girl is here. seeing firsthand how weird it is that our belly buttons change when pregnant (ok so this doesn't so much make me cry, but it definitely gives me anxiety and weirds me out. don't tell me i'm the only one!).

*this past weekend was a HOT one (ok, june, let's act a little less like august ok?) and the non-air conditioned house of ours got up to about 77. it was still bearable, with the fans going almost constantly, and the window open at night. but i think that air conditioning unit is starting to call our names.

*i think we've pretty much narrowed our list of names down to 2 or 3 top picks. still not sure about middle names, though. we'll see how we feel in another couple of months.

*it is pretty uncomfortable to do any bending over anymore. like i had a whole to-do list for (mostly) myself this past weekend, and one of the top things was to clean the dang tub. it just gets so dirty so easily! but then i thought about how i basically have to be bent over most the time and scrubbing.....well let's just say the tub didn't get cleaned and i'm thinking of any way i can possibly bribe Jae so that he'll do it.

*popsicles have become a new best friend (i've always like them, but i really like them lately). i have a feeling i'll be eating my weight in pace's popsicles by the end of the summer.

*i almost forgot - Jae felt baby girl move for the first time!!! we were just sitting on the couch and i felt her kicking a bit, but before i said anything to him, i just sat and watched my belly to see if it was enough movement that i thought he'd be able to feel it. i could see the movements just barely, so i figured he'd have to be able to feel that! so i put his hand on my stomach and he felt her kicking around probably 4 or 5 times. awesome! that, my friends, is what it's all about. (speaking of - i'm feeling her moving more and more. it's probably a combo of her getting bigger and me just better recognizing now what is her and what isn't, but i feel her pretty much every day at some point or another, and i LOVE it.)

*overall, i feel pretty good! just tired and somewhat uncomfortable 75% of the time and getting over-heated more and more. but good! just feeling happy and blessed that baby girl is doing good and growing!


  1. I don't know how I'm going to handle being pregnant--I already cry at a lot of that kind of stuff anyway, and I basically can ONLY sleep on my stomach.

    P.S. Your little stomach is so adorable! I love your little girl already :)

    1. i'll be honest - the whole not laying on my stomach thing is really kind of hard for me! but it's also really hard for me when i see cookie dough sitting in the fridge and can't eat it raw anymore. ahhh the sacrifices we make.......

  2. Cute! I bought something for bebe this weekend. :)