scenes from our fathers day weekend.

we started our father's day weekend by celebrating Jae's moms birthday at Joy Luck.

we ended it with a tired pup who collapsed on the bed with her bum cupped perfectly in my bra.
it was pretty hilarious.

Karen and most of her boys. good lookin bunch.

Grandpa got to sit at the kids table & loved every minute, i'm sure :)

Jae made fire. in his church socks.

Milo the watermelon fiend.

how adorable is he with his crossed legs and watermelon?

caught Zo in the act of the beginnings of a yawn.

papa got 23 tickets to a Bee's game. i wonder who he's going to take....?
quick snap of the bump - 23+ weeks

Zack less than thrilled about his mess of a s'more.

perfectly roasted mallow.

reeses s'more

my mom whipped our her rarely seen tetherball skills. i think the grandkids were impressed.

baby girl's gift to her daddy. i guess she couldn't find another bag quick enough so she wrapped it in a VS bag! (present below...)

i am so grateful for the wonderful men in my life. 
i love you all so much!

my dad. i am such a daddy's girl. always have been. he's always been such a good example to me of a humble, grateful, giving, loving, caring, hard working husband and father who's always willing to go the extra mile when any of us need anything. don't know what i'd do without him.

my brothers-in-law. they all became part of our family when i was still pretty young, so they've always been like real brothers to me. they've helped raise me and teased me and treated me just like older brothers would. they're amazing husbands and fathers in their own families and i'm so grateful for the great bunch of guys we got lucky to have in our family.

my father-in-law. although he lives across the country and we don't see or talk to him as often as we should, i appreciate the good qualities he's passed on to his boys and example he's given to them of what it means to be a good dad.

and my Jae. he's a father to our sweet pup, and she loves him so much. obviously a dog and a baby are two totally different things, but i get a little glimpse what it'll be like when our baby girl comes and the amazing dad and friend he's going to be for her. as it gets closer and closer, i seriously can hardly wait. it's something i'm looking forward to more than anything about our baby girl's arrival. 


  1. Jord says he's confused about the paragraph about George. ;) Cute onsie and pup. Xx.

  2. It's really crazy seeing all of your nieces and nephews grown up--it's like seeing all your siblings reincarnated as children again. Crazy!

  3. LOVE the crossed legs and watermelon! <3 <3

  4. looks like a perfect summer day! :) and I love the bump picture! :)