twentyfive randoms on a friday.

  my cute friend emi wrote a list of 25 random fun facts about herself on her blog today, and told people to join in the fun. so this is me, joining in!

i make no promises to them being 'fun' facts, but here are 25 facts about me, nonetheless:

.1. my favorite colors (yes, more than one. can't narrow down) are purple and grey.
.2. bending and twisting my torso area is not getting any easier these days.
.3. friday = hair up in a bun on top of my head day. every.week.
.4. i like to paint my ring fingernail a different color than the rest of my nails.
.5. spring is my favorite season. while i do love fall, fall only leads to my least favorite season...winter. and summer is waaay better than winter. so spring is easily the best. got that?
.6. PINK from victoria's secret is in my top 3 favorite scents for ladies. i've used it since high school.
.7. ice water is my preferred beverage. anytime, anywhere. and no - no limes or lemons, thank you!
.8. i love to wear baseball caps. i used to wear them a lot more, and wish i wore them more now.
.9. ice cream (or froyo) is my favorite dessert. hands down.
.10. i love lists!!!
.11. both Jae and i love to travel to other countries. in the last 1.5 years, we've been to China, Malaysia, and Singapore. we have a HUGE list still to cross off. can't wait!
.12. one of my favorite childhood memories with my mom is blasting backstreet boys from the kitchen stereo (she liked them just as much as i did!) and cleaning the house together.
.13. i am right handed and stronger on my right side in general, but growing up dancing, my left side was always more flexible.
.14. i feel like a good baseball game on a sunny evening with a hot dog in hand is the best way to welcome in the summer. (and guess what we're doing tomorrow...??!)
.15. i'm a total daddy's girl. to this day, if something of significance is happening/has happened, i call and talk to him about it.
.16. i wish i could take care of every sweet puppy dog in the world. i hate to see them sad and without a good home.
.17. i play the organ (in church).
.18. i love taking showers but i hate the after-shower (aka doing my hair/make-up).
.19. i love target and i love/hate that we live 2 minutes from one.
.20. i've never broken a bone. (plenty of sprains, jammed fingers, displaced joints, stitches, but no brokens!)
.21. i can't watch a beautiful dance performance and not get teary. (oh how i miss dancing)
.22. i've been an aunt for 16 years.
.23. i have TMJ (aka jaw) problems. and if you have these problems too, then you know that it is just a huge dumb pain in my life!
.24. flip flops and tennis shoes are my favorite kinds of shoes. (but i don't discriminate - i love shoes of all kinds!)
.25. Jae's my favorite person ever! and Zoey's my favorite dog ever! (it's true - did you know?)

{april 2012}

happy a fabulous weekend, whatever it may bring you :)
i'm going to hang out with that hunk.


  1. I'm with ya on 13, 20 and 21.

  2. Yay I am so happy you did this! Love all these!!! i'm with you on 16, 18, 5, and lots more! Xoxoxo happiest weekend!