eye vs. mascara

mascara won.

i think this confirms my suspicions of allergies to this specific mascara.
of course, it's one of my favorites.
so when i woke up to an eye lid that was 3 times its normal size (it's definitely gone down from this morning to when this picture was taken), i decided it's probably a good day to go mascara-less 
(aka make-up-less, really. lucky co-workers of mine!)
and buy a new mascara....

but hey!
it's may 1st!
(and 30 degrees and snowing in parts of utah today, but who's keeping track....)


  1. AH! ouch! i didn't know that mascara could do that? luckily you still look beautiful naturally! hope you find a new one..happy may 1st!

  2. Yikes, what Mascara was it?
    If you haven't tried Benefit I think a stop at Sephora on your way home is in order! They even have mini ones towards the cash register so you could try it without fully committing.
    Yay for May! One of my favorite months.

    1. one of my favorites..... :( Almay. weird huh? i know other people that use it and love it too, and i've never heard of it bothering others. so i don't think it's any real fault of the mascara. just my weird skin.

  3. I was not too thrilled with the snow outside this morning. bleh. But i'm super glad that it's may. may is a good month. sorry about the eye :( i agree with emi, you look good with or without the makeup.

  4. Daaaaang. That doesn't look very fun!

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