burgers & cards & 70+ degree weather.

we had the most gorgeous spring weekend. everyone in utah has already talked about it via fb, blog, whatever else......but i must chime in. they're all telling the truth! it was amaaaazing!!!!

we had a fun, busy, happy saturday together, just Jae, pup, and i. we joined in the bbq-ing fun for dinner saturday night at the oveson's. then played cards (i love playing cards. torrie - hand and foot??! i'm dying to play it!)

sunday was another lovely day. sleeping in, church, after-church nap, multiple NBA play-off games, pre-dinner walk with pup, dinner at home just us, then bedtime for all of us. we were pooped from our awesome weekend :)

and then, in typical monday morning fashion.....as Jae and i were getting ready for work this morning, i spotted a mouse. IN OUR HOUSE. (yes, i realize that rhymes, but no, it's not funny or on purpose or me trying to be smart....the fact is there was a mouse in our house.) i saw it, and turned around babbling something not totally coherent about a mouse in our house, and Jae said 'uh yeah, i saw that too'. i later noticed the little stink again in our kitchen, and it went under the door into our spare bedroom/nursery. i ever so carefully blockaded the entire doorway, as well as the doorways into the kitchen, just to make sure it wouldn't get out to another part of the house. we'll see what it all looks like when we get home....SO GROSS.


  1. We totally played Hand & Foot with our neighbors on Saturday night--it was basically awesome. If you need a reminder of the rules, it's all pretty fresh in my mind :)

  2. yay, so glad to hear that it's finally warming up in utah! fun weekend cute girl!