a bit of catch-up: letting the cat out of the bag.

now that we finally have internet again at our house (yahoo!), i found some pictures on our laptop that i never blogged about. one being the day we celebrated Jae's and my birthdays plus let my family in on the big baby secret!

monday february 18th:

we started the day with lunch with my family at olive garden.

then we came back to our house for some hanging out, games, cake, and ice cream.
{and the announcement that no one knew was coming! :)}

Jae's cake (courtesy of my mom)
my cake (courtesy of mom)

singing happy birthday to eachother

annnd the presenting of the surprise cake :) i am sad we didn't have one of us ready with the camera to catch the reaction of everyone. but it was classic! lots of screaming from my mom and sisters.
so fun.


  1. holy heck...I love the way you announced! That's awesome!

  2. LOVE that announcement cake!! And Hooray for internet!

  3. Your mom made you both your own cake? (Can you say spoiled?!) Ha ha--loved your announcement style. Sounded awesome!

  4. I'll sound like a broken record here but I LOVE the announcement cake, so fun!