a change of direction.

{photo compliments of mary}
i was planning a short, simple, fun, non-serious post for today. i'm happy it's friday and happy it's sunny, warm skies for the weekend weather forecast. 

but then i read bonnie's post. and i got that huge lump in my throat and tears threatening to roll down my cheeks.

it really made me think. we i tend to rely on God a lot when life is scary and unknown. and i also tend to turn to God when my life is awesome and things are really going my way. but i want to make sure i turn to Him all the time. and rely on Him all the time. trust in Him and His timing every day. right now in my life, things feel like they're really turning up. the unknowns of a few months ago - work for Jae, finances, waiting to be blessed with a baby....they're all turning around and falling into place. not necessarily how either of us expected, but they are. and it's undeniable. it's not just us making this happen on our own. of course, the next few months and years will be some of the best and some of the hardest times of our lives yet, but i am so excited for them and know we'll get through whatever is thrown our way. again - not on our own, though.

i want to share bits and pieces of bonnie's words to help explain:

".....I thought of how all the unsurities in my life have become sure and how all the stresses and worries and insecurities that I've had over the past six months have resolved themselves.
...everything in my life was a question mark and I had no idea what was going to happen to me or where I was going to be a couple of months down the road.
 ...the only thing I was sure of was my commitment to the Lord and that he would take care of me.  That was five months ago and I was filled with angst, stress, and nervousness. But I trusted in God.  And now I think how everything I was so worried about has fallen into place.
And I feel so overwhelmed when I think of it all. How good God is. How much He loves me. How He takes care of me. How when I put everything in His hands that He just works it out. My life is being watched over, it is not accidental, and God is micromanaging my world. I am so filled with peace and contentment and calm. I think calm is the best way to describe it. I just feel so grateful and so overcome with love, and I guess most of all gratitude. It's just so amazing how everything turns out alright when we are keeping the commandments and putting God first in our lives. I feel like everything in my life is coming together, and even though I know that it might come apart again, the most important thing is that I know that it will come back together again. No matter how many times things come apart in my life, I have no doubt that God will put them back together again."  

she said it so well and as soon as i read it, i knew i had to share it. 
in other news (and to help change gears so i'll stop getting teary-eyed here at work...), i am excited for this weekend and all the fun things it will bring! 
and about that Utah weather i was talking about.....

if that doesn't brighten your mood, then i don't know what would. 
i hope you all have a most fantastic weekend with the ones you love and a very 
happy mother's day 
 to all you special moms out there!!!



  1. Thank for this sweet reminder. What a good perspective an something I needed desperately! Love you friend.

  2. LOVE IT! It is so true! God loves us and "everything will just work out" if we have faith in Him and his plan for us! thank you for sharing!