a disappointing breakfast.

two days in a row! two days in a row, i've had a disappointing breakfast, to the point that i just threw the small amount of food that was left, away. i know - i've got BIG problems over here. nothing like starvation or poverty or cancer. but disappointing breakfasts. wah wah. woe is me.

but seriously - when i get to work and i feel like my stomach and baby in my stomach are going to turn on me and eat me alive from the inside-out (dramatic, eh?)....all i want is a good, filling breakfast. and all i got was nothing of the sort.

so anyway....onto other things in life besides food (it's hard to avert my attention to other things lately - i'm totally in the eat-all-the-time stage now)...

in the last week(ish) we have:
-started a refinance on our house (who doesn't want to save $100+ on their mortgage every month?)
-consolidated loans into one, with one interest rate and one monthly payment (if you haven't done this yet, you really should look into it!)
-sold our truck (of course, all it took was putting our truck loan with another loan and then someone wanted to buy it, so we basically had to undo most of what we did like, two days ago! God has a sense of humor, i tell ya)
-found a new truck we really like late last night but were super at putting our foot down and not accepting any deals that were more than what we said we'd pay. i was proud of us! and we even left the dealership, with a hopeful promise from the sales guy that he'd have a different manager today that would make our deal work (and we did get a call already this morning that they can do it...) so hopefully we'll be new (used) truck owners by the end of today
-and to top of this week, on friday we find out what flavor style of baby we're having!!!!!!!!!!!!!
little excited, ok?

most these things, i'm sure most of you don't care about. but they've been keeping us on our toes lately and life is busy! but life is good!

and to lighten your day (because it lightens my mood every time i look at it), i present the pup:

happy tuesday friends! xoxo.


  1. Busy, busy. You'll have to let us know about the truck and all the details! Can't wait for FRIDAY!! Xx.

  2. Yay! Friday we will be looking on FB or your blog!

  3. disappointing breakfasts are the worst! BUT, on the bright side, you find out the gender TOMORROW!!! AHHHH! cannot wait to hear ! XOXOX

  4. i'm kind of dying for it to be friday because i NEEEED to know what the lil' peanut is so i can start spoiling him/her!!!! (if i am going crazy, i can't imagine how you and the mr are feeling!!) one more day friend! you're so close!!! LOVE!