what's your flavor: pink or blue?

it's finally (almost) here guys!
tomorrow's the big day we find out what flavor of baby we've got cookin!
(at least we'd better find out!.....now's not the time to be shy, baby!)
i am 18+ weeks currently, and this week has been paaaiiinnfullly slow and long.
now that we're finally to thursday, i want to know what your guesses are!
pretty please leave a comment & tell me what you think :)


  1. I think you've got a little Jae growing inside you :)

  2. I am going to say boy here since I said girl on FB. That way I'm right no matter what! ;) Love you -- can't wait to find out!!

  3. I'm DYING to KNOW!! I'm going to guess girl! Go team Pink! Obviously little boys are the best too. How can you possibly go wrong with this one??! A little Mara-Jae is going to be the cutest baby ever!

  4. I think a girl! Because girls are just a little better. But it's ok if its a boy, because he will be pretty cool. You are so cute!