baby Jack's blessing

our nephew Jack (Jae's brother and his wife's newest addition) was blessed last sunday afternoon in the comfort of his own home. it was nice to have just the close family there to be part of it and enjoy the day together. and Jack looked so handsome! he has been sick, so he ended up being unhappy all during the blessing itself, but immediately after (and for the rest of the day) he was super content and happy, just hanging out with all the fam. thanks for the fun family day, Jens and Audree!! 

{oh, and Jaron flew in from D.C. and surprised us! the little stink.}


  1. i love that they did the blessing at home! that was probably so special. cute fam! XO

  2. Hey Mara! Thanks for your cute comment on my blog! I think you may be the only person who reads it! We are so excited to have a baby and I did see your cute cake you used to announce! I hope things continue to go good for you. I can't wait to follow along in this new journey together!

  3. I swear Jaron can't smile to save his life. Horrocks boys, my goodness. So stubborn.

    1. jordan smiles better than most of them!