one of those kinds.

this past weekend was pretty spectacular.
the last few weekends before that weren't the greatest, but even if they weren't bad, this one would've still beat 'em out.

for starters - conference weekend.
inspiration, spiritual filling of the soul, peace, love, snuggles (maybe even some *happy* tears).
saturday was the one year anniversary of both Jae and i going through the temple for the first time.
and sunday was our one year anniversary of being sealed for eternity in the temple.
that on top of an already excellent conference weekend with lovely spring weather??!

talk about a recipe for perfection.

my cute mom made us a cake with one candle on top (and sent the extra homemade chocolate frosting with us too...) to help celebrate our little anniversary.

we got lucky and scored some tickets to the sunday morning session (and it happened to be the one that both Pres. Uchtdorf and Pres. Monson spoke in....bonus!).

i was afraid we'd get stuck in pouring rain sunday morning when going to conference, but we didn't. it lightly sprinkled for just a few minutes as we walked in. being with my love in a place like the conference center, listening to our prophetic leaders and having the spirit so strong, confirming everything they're saying....well, let's just say i need that more in my life. it was one of those kinds of weekends you wish you could record and put on repeat.

sidenote: i read this post today on this similar subject and really loved it. 
thought i'd share in case you missed it.


  1. so happy you got to spend your temple anniversary at conference! sure love you guys!

  2. Happy Anniversary! That chocolate cake looks absolutely delicious. Glad you had a fun/ meaningful day celebrating!