it's friday night & i just got paid.

anyone else remember that song?
the good ole days of N*SYNC?
don't ask why i just thought of that song when i was pondering a blog post title. but i did! i didn't actually just get paid. but Jae did. so does that count as i did too? sure. so there ya go.

anyway........good news! we're hopefully getting some internet back at the Horrocks house in the next week or so. can i hear a hallelujah? it's been ok without it (i mean, we survived the last few months obviously), but it sure is nice to have it when you do! blogging made easier, here we come.

a few things of note this week:
*JAE GOT A NEW JOB!! heck yes he did. full time, benefits, PTO, decent pay (with room to grow), and he's off on fridays. after months of applications and interviews and hoping and praying. happy day! he starts monday :)
*it's all a little confusing, with my due dates and period dates and ovulation dates and all, but basically i'm somewhere around 13-14 weeks right now and baby's heartbeat was good and strong at our appt! May 17th - we can't wait for you to come so we can find out what little bean is!
*this week has been a looooong one for me. every day has seemed to drag on. not sure why time has been so brutal this week. but i'm not complaining that it's finally friday.
*i haven't gained any weight yet. which is weird, because i sure feel like i have. belly is starting to poke out (or to those that don't know - i just look extra frumpy and like i've put on a few lbs...lovely stage, it is!). i was given orders to gain 2-3 pounds in the next few weeks. ok, twist my arm, i'll eat some more ice cream i guess.
*we started this week out bitterly cold for "spring" (30 degrees and frost is most definitey NOT spring) but this weekend is supposed to warm up nicely - mid to upper 60's - i'll take it!
*we have two cute mustard yellow planters on our porch with cute yellow and purple-ish flowers freshly planted in them. we've never had our own flowers we've planted before (someday we'll have a real garden), and it's the little things like that that make our home feel that much more home-y. 
*alright, i admit it. i ordered my first pair of maternity pants. not that i need full blown maternity clothes yet - i'm not that far along. but my regular pants/jeans are just not so comfy lately. and when i'm sitting at work all day, they just dig dig dig into me! when i found some on clearance for $9 (!!) at the Loft, i went for it. i wasn't sure what to expect. i've obviously never ordered these types of things before and wasn't even sure what size to get. they surprisingly fit pretty well! already! not sure if that's good or bad....but there's definitely room to grow in them too. and they are COMFORTABLE. 
*tomorrow Jae has plans of working on the house with his brother doing manly things like baseboards and beadboard and using nail guns and such. i hope to spend some time cleaning, at the temple, and taking pup on a walk or two in the sunshine. (and eating some ice cream.) oh! and i got this lovely new shade of pink polish that i plan on trying out this weekend too. (sonia kashuk at Target...new favorite brand - thanks Kellie!)


got any fun plans for this spring weekend?
i hope it's great!


  1. Wahoo for Jae landing an awesome job!!!

  2. I'm so happy that Jae got a great job! You know, I've heard people in my ward mention all the blessings that came almost immediately after they decided to start their families. People who had tried for years to get into certain grad schools or get jobs were all of a sudden blessed when they decided to put their trust in the Lord and just start a family, even though financially, it seemed crazy. I don't know, just a thought I had :)

    Wish I lived closer so we could go to the temple together!

  3. Congrats to Jae! And let me know if its a boy or girl and I'll send something!!!

  4. I totally agree with Torrie. So glad to hear about Jae's job!

  5. such fun updates! congrats on jae's job, and love that the baby is just growing and that you heard the heartbeat! SO exciting!! xo