we spent a lovely week on the island of Oahu. we stayed in Ko Olina, to be more specific....we were surrounded by multiple super nice resorts. we went with our cute friends Cody and Stephanie Hale, and they were basically our personal tour guides, since we've never been and they've been multiple times. we had a big nice pool area, and our own beach right outside our hotel, but we spent most of the days driving to the north shore side of the island to explore other beaches.

i could take this trip and break it up in different posts, but honestly - that sounds like way too much work right now. so i'll just tell you this - outside of spending time at our own resorts pool and beach, we spent time snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, watching the biggest waves we've ever seen at Waimea Bay, hiking to Maunawili Falls, watching whales jump out of the water (!!!), at the LDS temple and PCC in Laie, eating (a lot), walking around the swap meet, watching late night movies (and falling asleep every time), annnd in the car driving to all of these fun places (aka a lot of time spent on the Kamehameha highway). we made multiple stops for shaved ice, had more than one excellent burger, the best super nachos of my life, and a giant breakfast called a Loco Moco that Jae was told we had to try. so try we did. and it was definitely worth it. i just might have to do another post on all the food itself. it really does deserve its own post.

anyway! onto the pictures.........
{there are a lot...good luck with that.}

view from our condo.

Pali lookout. SO unbelievably windy. it doesn't look so bad til you get up there. recommendation: don't wear a skirt or have your hair down. no bueno, i tell you.

super nachos at killer tacos!! craving some right now.

the waves were HUGE.

body surfing.

matsumoto's shaved ice. yes, please.

hike to maunawili falls

that was Jae's jump. i sort of missed it...whoops.

A WHALE! JUMPING! OUT OF THE WATER!! and i got a picture. it was pretty spectacular.

snorkeling at haunama bay. snorkel gear is so attractive.

pineapple ice cream!

loco moco. Jae had never tried it before, but craves this frequently since then.

my delicious french toast. i get french toast everywhere i go.

our last afternoon was spent at this lovely LDS temple. gorgeous day and gorgeous temple.


  1. Looks like so much fun! Jordan and I need to go somewhere we can use our snorkeling gear again.

  2. Sigh. How lovely!

    I went to Hawaii once, but it was for work, so I didn't get to do that much. I can't wait to go back someday with Matt. Looks like you had a great time!

  3. I am super jealous. That is all. And I like you.

  4. oh i love all these pictures!! it's so beautiful there, looks like so much fun! and you look gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous! I need to live there. And i especially love that temple picture. You and Jae are really cute.

  6. i'm so jealous of this trip, ya bum. glad you guys had fun!!

    also, your friends polka dot swimsuit is to die for -- do you know where its from?!

    1. i think it's a downeast suit from a year or two ago

  7. So jealous! Living on the east I doubt I'll ever make it back to Hawaii.

  8. That looks like so much fun! I am a bit jealous! I haven't been to hawaii since i was little! it is absolutely gorgeous! I am pretty impressed with your whale picture! PS- I love breakfast foods anytime of the day too! most things that go with lots of sugar and some sort of sweet bread!