sunshine & Easter egg hunts.

it's friday!
have i blogged about anything of importance this week?

but tomorrow is saturday, and sunday is Easter!
(and this week at work has been non-stop. hello and welcome friday!)
we're celebrating tomorrow with my family.
i'll be busy tonight filling Easter eggs with candy for our big hunt on saturday.
(i put myself/got put in charge of the eggs since i made a big to-do about doing a hunt with all the nieces/nephews. it's Easter...of course we need to do an egg hunt! duh.)

plus it's supposed to be upper 60's and sunshiney for our saturday, and who doesn't want to be outside in that?!

here are a few reminders to help get us (myself) into the spirit this weekend :)
happy Easter!


  1. Of course kids need an egg hunt! Is is sad I get to participate in two this weekend and I'm not even a child anymore. Ha. Bring on the sugar rush. Have a good weekend! Xx.

  2. Love this weather! Love this holiday! Love you my friend! You are such a cute auntie.