the forgotten sea creature.

i was scrolling through pictures on my phone, and realized i forgot one of the most memorable pictures from our Hawaii trip:

the octopus.

our friends have some friends that live in Laie, and they're basically professional fishermen. we visited them the last day we were there, and their son had just caught a fresh octopus that morning. it was still alive, in a plastic bag. so he pulled it out to show us. it was all tentacle-ly and slimy.


i felt you should get in on some of the disgustingness too.
that's all for now.
happy hump day.


  1. Eww. i just don't love how he has his two fingers jabbed in some icky slimy head crevice holding him up. bleh. But still cool to see a freshly caught octopus. were they going to eat it?

    1. no, they usually sell the stuff they catch. and make a pretty good profit, i'm sure!

  2. that is pretty great! i hope you tried to taste it too!