5 moments of today.

^^cake from my nephew's 11th birthday last week. he's my oldest nephew. still hard to believe he's 11. anyway, no the cake has absolutely nothing to do with my post. he's just super into dinosaurs and knows all sorts of details about them that you wouldn't even know to ask. smarty pants, like his parents. and besides....his cake rocked. obviously.

{ok, so confession - some of these are from yesterday and some are from today. the days all run together anyway, right?}

haven't done a 5 moment memoir in a while (let's be real....haven't really blogged at all in a while!....) so while i'm still trying to get my hawaii pictures and posts ready to go (and our birthday posts from a month ago...) we'll go with this today.

.1. i had a bagel with veggie cream cheese this morning. i used to be all about plain cream cheese all the time, with any bagel i ever ate. i've used strawberry on occasion, as well as the almond and honey, but the strawberry is too sweet sometimes and the almond and honey is just...ok. and then i decided to try veggie (cuz adding some teeny tiny veggie parts to cream cheese makes it totally healthy...right?) and i won't go back! officially been converted for life. LOVE veggie cream cheese.

.2. i'm all sorts of black and grey and booted on this here first day of spring. i feel like maybe i should be wearing some shade of yellow or pink or something. but no - grey, black, leggings, boots, sweaters.....none too springy. it's supposed to rain and be cold today, after all. happy first day of spring anyway!

.3. i was on a work conference call this morning, and the first thing the lady hosting the call said was "oh i just found out you're Hyde's daughter! he's a good one, i like Hyde". so in case you didn't know - yes we work for the same company, but in different departments and at different facilities. and everyone knows my dad! i get that from random people at work probably once a month. he's just cool and popular like that. i have such a cute dad.

.4. i also had staff meeting today. it's interesting.....sometimes i get into conversation and voice my opinion, and sometimes, like today.....i just decide to hold my tongue and sit back and listen to others. i'm realizing more and more (call it my old, wise age) that sometimes it's just better (and easier!) to not talk and let others fight it out, and then if i get spoken to directly, then i'll speak. ya know?

.5. i am not a morning person. some of you already know this. when i used to work at 5 AM, my co-workers learned that it's best just not to try to talk to me too much before, oh 9 o'clock or so, just to give me sufficient time to be less grumpy wake up. even now, that i don't start my work day quite so early, i still just like some time in the morning to get settled, get through my emails, maybe even read a blog or two, eat something. you know - get myself mentally ready for the day ahead. so when i walk into work and only have time to set my stuff down, take my coat off (cuz yes, it was SNOWING this morning....march is a SPRING month!), and log into my computer before i start getting instant messages from co-workers (co-workers that get to work from home, nonetheless...lucky little devils)......well it's a little bit irritating. it's like she was just waiting for my little instant messaging light to turn green, meaning i'm 'available', so she could start pestering me with work questions. NO! leave me be for 5 minutes, please! 

well i'm glad we could have this little time so you can know more about me and my psychotic behavior that is likely to happen in the mornings. 

may your thursday be as great as mine is shaping up to be :)


  1. Haha! I totally relate to your feelings about morning! Loved this post.

  2. that cake makes me think of ross on friends. he'd totes have a cake like that!