oh yeah....i blog.

hey guys. and gals.
soo....it's friday.
if you hadn't noticed, i haven't gotten back into my blogging groove yet this week.
it's been a busy few days trying to get caught up on life after our lovely week on the island.
and getting myself used to the time and getting my sleeping schedule straight has been a bit of a hassle.

i'm so tired!!!!!!

but anyway.
back to it being friday and all......
here's to a weekend that will hopefully allow me to catch up on sleep blogging, laundry, groceries, dishes, and everything else that needs catching up. (Jae informed me that we're down to our last 3/4's of a roll of toilet paper.....yeah it's probably time for a visit to the store.)

i think pup is ready for the weekend too..


  1. She's gotten so big! Hope you have a good weekend. Xx.

  2. Aww, did zoey miss her mama?? Can't wait to see more hawaii pics! You know, so i can pretend it was me basking in the sun on the beach! Glad you're back safe and sound. xo

  3. okay..cutest pup! i want to see hawaii pictures!!