a lucky green dinner for a lucky green day.

for st. patrick's day, my cute mom decided to go all out and make a very green dinner for our sunday dinner! we had everything from turkey wraps in green (spinach) tortillas to green grapes, honeydew, kiwi, cucumber bites, snap peas, brussel sprouts, green beans, green apples, and of course - 'green stuff' (aka a concoction of whipped cream, cottage cheese, pineapples, and lime jello flavoring packet to make it green!).

and then dessert! green donuts, green frosted sugar cookies, and mint chocolate chip ice cream

of course, can't forget about the decor - green table-cloth, green straws, and cute st. patty's day napkins.
my mom rocks. it was so fun :)

have a most fabulous
(half springy, half wintery, if you're in utah....)