weekend in pictures.

saturday morning walk.
turkey burger from Blue Lemon.
first Valentine cookies for the month. (also from Blue Lemon. delish.)

fish tacos from Blue Lemon.

sunday morning in bed. she was ready to get up. jae and i....weren't.


jae and zo playing after church. he blows on her and she shakes furiously. it makes her so mad. it's pretty funny.

getting superbowl sunday food out and ready.

round 1: turkey sliders, glass of milk, costco chocolate chunk cookie.

game time.

zo's spot for most the game (my lap).
my drive to work at 5 this morning. weekend over.

{i know...the picture quality is pretty crappy over here lately. apologies.}

we actually started our weekend by doing a body combat class (me) and playing a basketball game (Jae). but there aren't any pictures of that for proof, so i figured i'd better make sure i write about it! just to prove we don't just eat all the time. we do get some exercise in too. occassionally. anyway Jae's dad came into town unexpectedly for a really quick trip this weekend. naturally, i didn't get any pictures of people or places. mostly just all the food. figures. we also had some chinamen food (as Jae calls it) courtesy of Jae's mom and tried out buffalo wild wings for the first time (not super impressed, by the way), but i didn't get any pictures of that. after trying to plan this and that and going here and going there, we ended up spending superbowl sunday at home. just us. it was kind of really nice and relaxed. sad day for the Niners, but a good game to watch! (well, the second half at least after that weird power outage thing.)

**sidenote: have you ever tried costco's kirkland brand of chocolate chunk cookies? holy to-die-for deliciousness. seriously. try them.**

what fun things did you do this weekend?
more importantly....what yummy food did you eat??

welcome to monday morning, friends.


  1. We did not watch the Super Bowl.

    But we DID eat three different kinds of cake yesterday. So . . . a great weekend.

  2. I officially am hungry for a fish taco now. yum.
    Were you guys happy or sad about the game's outcome?

    1. i was rooting for the niners. but jae kind of wanted the ravens just for ray lewis's sake (his last year and all...). but it was a good game to watch at least.

  3. looks like a perfect, relaxing weekend! xo