my favorite month of the year.

this here second month of the year known as february....well it's my favorite for a few reasons.

.1. it's the month of love!! and now that i have a forever lover, i don't ever have to worry about it being crap. (although he will freely admit it is definitely not his favorite holiday. whatevs.)
.2. we're one step closer to spring!! aka january is over.
.3. it's husbands birthday month!! along with a few other family members birthdays as well (have i mentioned how he shares his birthday with not just one, but TWO of his brothers?? totes weird, i know. and yes, i just used the word totes. it's become a bad habit.)
.4. it's MY birthday month!! some people don't care for birthdays. especially when people get older, it's the old "...it's just another day..." blah blah. well i love birthdays and celebrating them.

i'm starting my weekend off horribly...by working 9+ hours today. blech.
but then, i'll be home to hang out with these two loves of my life. they just love to cuddle.
it's the cutest.

happy weekend friends!


  1. Yay, for February! One of my favorite months. I kind of consider it my Birthday month too, since it's a short month and mine is the first day of the next month it just blends right on in there. :)

  2. my hubby and i have our bdays in the same month too! have fun celebrating all month long. xoxo

  3. I LOVE February! Amen about the part that January is OVER. I'm super glad it's getting closer to spring. I couldn't say enough good things about this lovely month ;).

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