five moment memoir

{because i'm feeling random...there's a random photo for ya. you're welcome.}

i admit it, i totally stole borrowed this idea from Torrie. she's smart and stuff. so why wouldn't i?

anyway, the idea behind this five moment memoir is to simply write down 5 things that happened to you that day. good things, bad things, weird things, random things. just write them down. they can serve as memories of funny things, crappy things to learn from, small happy moments to put a smile on your face, or dumb things you did and don't want to repeat again! it doesn't matter to me if they're important things or really unimportant, boring things. i just want to remember more of the details of my day-to-day.

it's currently 3:35pm (or 1535 if you go by military time, like me. but anyway...)
here are 5 things that have happened thus far today:
1. i had to literally dig my car out of the snow this morning. i didn't drive it at all the last two days so it was pretty snowed in. and even after digging it out, it still took me three tries to get out of my driveway.
2. it took me almost an hour to drive to work today. it was very snowy and slushy and slow. but the roads could've been worse.
3. i had cold pizza for lunch. i don't usually like to heat up my leftover pizza.
4. i haven't even drank one whole water bottle full of water yet today. which is so not me. usually i have two just while i'm at work, plus whatever else i drink at home. 
5. i have officially "hit a wall". aka i'm done working for the day. although physically, i'm still at work. 

what 5 things of (in)significance happened in your life today?


  1. I've been pretty good on my goal to do this in my journal at night (and by pretty good, I mean I've done it more than once since posting about it). Even though it's such a little thing, it's nice to be able to sit back and recognize all the good and bad and significant and not so significant that make up a whole day.

    Glad you liked the idea too :)

  2. You go by military time? I like that :) i loved this idea! I've been spreading the word about it as well. But seriously, I love how do-able it is. This is the sort of thing i need mote of in my life!

  3. ha love this! cold pizza is better the next day, i agree.
    i don't like heating it up because i think it's soggy, however when you have time at home it is pretty good if you reheat it in the oven for 10 minutes! brings the crispiness back :)
    i am the same with water too! i chug it at work all day...

    1. yes, reheating in the oven is the only way to reheat pizza for sure! good call. xo.

  4. I love cold pizza! I'm way behind on today's water consumption too. Thanks for reminding me to go get some!

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  6. I like this idea...i might do it. I might not, cause i'm that lazy. but, i might :)
    I like hearing about the lives that normal people are living. I haven't left my house since saturday, no joke.
    At least I have a handsome little man to keep me company.

    1. haha you're not lazy sarah! you have a newborn! silly girl. a newborn that i need to come see asap. i know i know...i keep saying it.

  7. this kind of inspired me to at least blog about something, since i haven't done it in a while- lets see if i get that far. thanks.