today's five moments.

.1. that picture was my view from work this morning. i'm so glad i noticed it - i was about to walk right on past the window, but i glanced out and just noticed the snowy mountain peaks barely peaking up over the fog with the sun shining on them and had to stop and take it in for a minute. the picture doesn't do it justice, but there was kind of a pinky/peachy color. it was lovely.

.2. two of my co-workers brought in donuts today. not knowing that the other was bringing them in. i combated all the sugary weight gain with a veggie tray. HA! take that, tempting donuts.

.3. i took over the responsibility to do payroll for about 45 employees in our department. this week is my first week officially taking that over, and today i made my first official change to someone's timecard. scary!!! (i know you don't care, but it's kind of a big deal in my world. this is people's paychecks we're talking about!)

.4. i've started my scheming for what we'll do for Jae's and my birthdays. i'm pretty excited about it  :)

.5. we did our taxes (or rather, i should say had them done) yesterday. let's just say...not good news. not good at all.


  1. I love this 5 moment post idea. it's lovely to hear about your everyday life. just lovely. I'm scared to get our taxes done...every year I get older I start to dread tax season rather than look forward to the refund like I used to when I was young and single. oh, growing up.

  2. Ah, taxes.

    At least you're on the ball and not procrastinating them anyway, right? Not like I'm speaking from personal experience or anything...

  3. Taxes, don't EVEN get me started! haha!
    I'm kind of kicking myself right now for starting an LLC, and you already know about my printing on photo paper woes... At least they're done. I always feel this big obligation to do them myself ever since working at Jackson Hewitt as a tax preparer, bleh.
    good job on the veggies! you go girl.

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