it's been...a week.
not a terrible week, certainly.
kind of a long week, i guess?

whatever kind of week it's been, i'm happy it's friday.

most random part of my week:
i found this on our driveway when i got home from work. poor buddy. and umm...gross.

silliest part of my week:
jae left this on the kitchen counter for me to find when i got home from work yesterday. love that guy. and my dog.

most encouraging part of my week:
my co-workers ordered chinese for lunch one day, and although i didn't get chinese food myself, there were enough fortune cookies for me to pick one. i was happy with my pick.

most stylish part of my week:
i have a daily shoe calendar on my desk at work (thanks mom! you know me so well). some of these shoes are pretty...questionable. but some are pretty rockin. like today's.

happy weekend folks.


  1. This is a way fun post idea--maybe I'll have to steal it sometime :)

  2. Poor bird. :(
    Happy weekend. Xo.

  3. I LOVE getting fortunes with my chinese... probably better than the chinese food part ;).

  4. oh goodness, that bird picture really threw me off guard haha, was no expecting that. What a week!