a day trip & a birthday.

this past saturday, we day-tripped it up to Logan to visit my sister and her family. and then to steal their not-being-used-and-just-sitting-in-the-shop snow blower. with all the snow we've been getting this winter, no working snow blower should go unused! and since they don't need it in their current place of living....we took it upon ourselves to offer to 'keep it running'. and stuff.

it was pretty snowy, but driving up, the canyon wasn't so bad. we played games, loaded up the snow blower (after giving Jae a tour of my grandpa's old shop where he housed all his painting supplies for his painting business....it's pretty awesome actually), grabbed some dinner, and headed back home. it was already dark and snowing more, and we had the canyon to drive back through still.

driving at night in the snow isn't Jae's favorite (it isn't mine, either...is it anyone's?), but we made it home after passing multiple slide-offs along the way.

once we got home, we unloaded the snow blower to put away in the garage.
one problem - we couldn't get our garage door to open!

it seems the weight of the snow and ice built up on the roof, mixed with the inevitable fact that our garage is a real piece......well the roof is slowly but surely caving in on itself. great news, eh? more on that to come later.

can you spot the large birds? they were wandering in the street. we had to wait for them to get out of the way. and then once they realized a big truck was coming their way, they scattered like crazy.

on a random side note, we celebrated my niece Hana's birthday (a few weeks ago....oops). i just re-disovered these pictures from it and realized i never posted about it. so i'm squeezin them in now. she isn't a big fan of frosting, so she very specifically requested only her name be written (first AND last, mind you) on the top of the cake with frosting, and the rest be left unfrosted. so be it, you crazy Hana girl. we love you!

naturally, we gave her a pair of bright pink sparkly shoes :)
and Zo got her tail-end decorated with ribbon, courtesy of her (human) cousins.

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