our {lazy} pup.

i had to laugh at myself as i was deciding what to title this post.
at first, i wrote "zoey, 13 months".
oh my. she sounds like an actual human.
i mean, i love her like i love a human, too, but really?
she's a dog. i know this.

here's a few pictures of our pup.
because she's so much like a little person, it's ridiculous sometimes.
Jae got these two pictures one morning after i had left for work.
she quite literally takes my spot in bed.
rests her head on my pillow,
and folds her front paws out over the covers.

a couple of days ago, she got a new big girl bed courtesy of grandma!
it's so big! she has to kind of leap onto it (or at least she thinks she does)
because it's so poofy. it's pretty funny. 
she's still getting used to it, but i think she likes it!

you can mock me if you want for saying it, but it's still true...    
i don't know what we'd do without her.
life would be so boring! 

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