today's 5 moments {red & pink edition}.

.1. i got up at 5:30 this morning and took the pup out to do her early-morning duties. first i saw the hearts in the snow....then i noticed them on the porch right in front of my feet....then i turned around to see them on the front door. our house had been heart-attacked! we have some of the sweetest friends anyone could ask for :)

.2. i decided to do a little surprise heart-attacking of my own on the bathroom mirror so Jae has something to see when he gets up. i'm not the most creative or the greatest poet, but it works!  **so funny story: turns out Jae checked our blog this morning before he even got out of bed....and yes, i had already blogged this. so he didn't even see the real thing first! he saw this blog post! i thought i was safe to post it that early. apparently not. whoops.**

.3. i discovered, while brushing my teeth, that my toothbrush wanted to join in the fun and be festive too! (ok so obviously it's the same colors every day, but just go with it. we're allowed to have an extra cheesy day all-around, right?!)

.4. administration at work handed these out to everyone as we walked in this morning!

.5.  yes, i'm one of those that plans out their outfits when a holiday is coming up. today is no different.

and guess what?! it's only 8am! so many more fun things to come today. i have a feeling this should be a to be continued post......

i hope you all find (at least!) 5 happy moments during your day today {even if you are at work, like me :)}  

happy lovers day!!
now go show some love :)


  1. How fun! Although being on Valentine's Day at a middle school has its pitfalls (I'm sure you can imagine why), I've already had 3 or 4 students come up and give me candy or valentines or gifts, which is cute. So happy V-day to all, I guess!

  2. i wish i could see your whole outfit together -- it looks so cute!

    and don't let me forget to tell you how cool i am (again... aka spazzy) when i heart attacked you guys. you'll laugh, i'm sure. its good times!

    love you friend! xoxo

  3. Haha!! Jae checking out the blog made me totally laugh! But it's still all cute and lovey dovey and just perfect for Valentines.
    p.s. love the red pants <3