so this one time...

...we were in church...Jae and i were chit-chatting with our friends, Cody and Steph, and we said how it would be super awesome if we went on a trip to Hawaii.

well, fast-forward a couple of weeks later, and we have received our hotel reservation confirmation!! that 2.5 months just got real, folks!

wha?!! how did that happen?

neither Jae nor i have ever been, and we are totally stoked. a week at the beach with my love and our friends. could life get any better? not much, i say. not much.


  1. Uh yeah I want to come!!! Not fair :( I need an airport hookup stat. Are they hiring?? ;)

    Vince and I always talk about going on tips with friends it just mostly doesn't happen. Boo :(

  2. You will LOVE Hawaii--I've only been once (and it was for business, not pleasure), but it took my breath away. I thought it would probably be overrated (because everyone's always talking it up all the time), but it really is stunning. Takes lots of pictures! I'm excited for ya :)

  3. I am seriously jealous of your life! Bah! You go to the coolest places.

  4. Sounds amazing!! Enjoy it--Hawaii is amazing.