this is precisely what my fridge looks like right now. today. at this moment.
{photo taken with my phone...don't hate.}

this mainly happens for two reasons: 
1 - i hate spending money on groceries over and over, 
and 2 - i hate grocery shopping!

so we i usually procrastinate grocery shopping until we're down to the bare minimum.
which apparently consists of milk, jam (for pb&j's, of course), salsa, butter, cookie dough, (probably expired) yogurt, and i think there's one straggly apple left in the bottom drawer. oh and some Ragu for our multiple pasta nights every week.

we're not the only ones, right?


  1. haha we are the same! Yeah for cookie dough though! xo

  2. I love grocery shopping, but I hate the fact we never seem to have enough money for me to just go and pick up whatever I want. It has to be a very planned affair (with minimal impulse purchases), which is why our fridge is usually so empty.

    We totally have cookie dough in ours, too.

    This is why we're friends :)

  3. Ha ha, I thought my fridge was empty, but I was very wrong. I am so opposite. I love to shop for food. I only wish it didn't cost so much money. But I probably spend more on food than I should anyway. You should come shop with me, I am pretty much a pro by now. Ha ha, just kidding. But really, I love grocery stores.