irrational fears.

so growing up, i watched the movie 'money pit' a lot. like hundreds of times, i watched it. in case you haven't seen it (which, it seems like a lot of people haven't....that's just unfortunate for you), i'll give you a little background:

it's about a man and a woman who decide to pull all their resources together (and the resources of their wealthy friends) and buy a huge, old, falling-apart house and do some remodeling to it.

{sidenote: who knew all these times i watched this movie, i should've been taking notes because some day i would buy a falling-apart house and fix it up too. actually....i should've known it was a bad idea.} 

so problem after problem come up, and they eventually end up spending a ridiculous amount of money and hiring all sorts of crazy people to do the work, all while living in the house through the remodel, and once it's finished........well you'll have to watch the movie to see how it ends. honestly, i'm not even sure why i love that movie so much, but i just do. i laugh so hard.

so anyway! the reason i'm going on and on about this movie is because in one part of it, they are filling the bathtub up bucket by bucket of water just to take a bath. well they finally get the tub full and just as she's about to get in and soak in the nice tub, the tub totally falls through the floor. like it got so heavy and the floor was so old and weak, it breaks through and crashes to the floor below. now, in the movie, it is hilarious! that part is one of the best parts (i'm laughing inside right now just picturing it). 

but i honestly believe it has ruined me and my bathtub trust for the rest of my life.

literally, every single time i get in the shower (not even taking a bath, just a shower!), i think back to that movie and get a little bit of anxiety thinking about the tub crashing through our floor. now, i know this is a little bit crazy. i know! but i can't help it, it happens every time. realistically, the only thing below our bathroom is the crawl space, which is only about 2 feet below the floor. so even if that were to happen, it wouldn't be nearly as dramatic or messy or scary as it is on the movie. but still. i've seen that subfloor we have under all that hefty tile and tub in our bathroom and i'm just saying.....

and that, my friends, is my #1 irrational fear.
please tell me you have one too?


  1. My previous next-door neighbor totally had that same fear--except that in her case, it was partially justified because they had massive flooding issues in their upstairs bathroom.

    And p.s. I made Matt watch that movie with me, and he hated it. Guess that's just a bond that you and I share, friend.

  2. I have a fear of a squirrel jumping from tree to tree and landing on me. Dustin used to think I was crazy until we were at a restaurant eating outside and a squirrel climbing up the tree fell and landed on a lady at the table next to us.

  3. Crickets. And grasshoppers. Maryland was my personal hell in that they had enormous, bean-shaped crickets with big striped legs that would jump haphazardly all over the place and jump down through our ceiling. And I almost had a nervous breakdown climbing out of a sandy canyon when Jesse and I were camping because mormon crickets were buried in the sand, and when we stepped too close to them, their little cave would collapse and they would slide toward our sandal-clad feet with their huge stingers. Jesse was NOT sympathetic. He's lucky I still married him.

  4. Oh man, I have far too many!

    Old people.
    Animatronic Santa's.

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg!!

  5. haha this is a hilarious irrational fear! i love tom hanks so much and have never seen that movie, so i'll have to put that on my list! xo

    ps come enter our giveaway here!!

  6. My favorite part is when he is stuck in the hole in the floor. If you didn't have beautiful newly done floors, you should totally cut a hole in your floor somewhere and cover it with a rug and make Jae walk over it..... One of my favorite movies.

    Oh, irrational fears? I'm sure I do, but I'd rather laugh about Money Pit!

  7. You know how some people will keep their shower curtains closed all the time? I have an irrational fear when I pee at other people's houses where they keep the shower curtain closed that someone is hiding behind the curtain. I always end up looking and then laughing at myself when no one is there. It was really bad at Ryan's apartment when we were dating. Because I just KNEW that his roomate was the type to hide behind the curtain to freak me out!
    So... there you go.