frame of mind.

i've been thinking about this Christmas season on a deeper level a lot lately. it is so easy to get caught up in the gifts and buying and lists and hurrying and sales and errands and money.....all of it. and i am totally guilty of it! it's just all so much and i just stress myself out most of the time. and for what? so we have nicely wrapped presents that probably cost too much to put under our perfectly decorated trees that took hours to put together?

this year, being in our own home, i wanted to make the Christmas season a little more special for Jae and i. we bought a few new items of decor (mostly because we didn't have much of anything), spent an hour or so setting up our simple tree together while listening to Michael Buble's Christmas album, and put a wreath on our front door. we agreed to keep gifts for each other simple - one or two presents and then stockings. and you know what? it's so much nicer that way. don't get me wrong, we both love getting each other presents and doing those fun things, which we still do, but we keep in mind to not go crazy with gifts or stress about what to get. because really...it doesn't matter all that much.

we only get this time of year once, and although time seems to speed right on by most of the time, i need to remember to stop and pace myself. enjoy the music, the lights, the hot chocolate, the extra snuggles, the company of good friends and family. enjoy the simple things. more importantly, remember why we do all of this. remember what happened those many, many years ago. remember that tiny baby that was born in a manger and changed all our lives forever.

i am so blessed.


  1. Yeah, I'm thinking I need a little dose of simplification in our Christmas routine as well. But I've already bought most of Matt's presents, so...

    I'll need to try this next year :/

  2. We are doing a very simple Christmas this year, which is a major change from years past where we spoiled each other a ridiculous amount! It's been really nice too! I feel much less stressed and that it's been easier to focus in what Christmas is really about!