holiday spirit. {or something}.

we decided to make sure our pup is part of our holiday celebrations and bought her a stocking to hang with ours. (of course, that makes it sound like our stockings actually have a place to hang, which they, in fact, do not, but ya know...)

cute right?
well, if you look closely, you'll find it has become flawed. i very foolishly left our stockings sitting on top of Zoey's kennel the other day. i knew as soon as i set them there 'just for a minute', it was a bad idea. i made a trip to the store that afternoon, and when i got back i found both her stocking and one of ours pulled down in her kennel. i kind of had a mini freak out, since all our stockings are brand new this year. and i knew Jae would be none-to-happy to know i left them where pup could chew on them. i was relieved to only find our stockings in good shape still, and only hers had been affected by her chewing.

 but i figure it seems fitting, right? of course Zoey, master of chewing all things, would chew a hole in her stocking.

in other news, i painted my nails, and tried a little harder than usual to be...creative, i guess? not much, but a little. that's about as good as it gets 'round here.

{i know, Chelsea the nail queen, they're still not up to par ;)}


  1. The nails look cute! I haven't painted my fingernails since I was 15. I don't think I'm ever going to start either...but they look great on you :)

  2. Nail queen! Psh, not even.. Yours look cute. I do need to paint mine for the Holiday though, thanks for the reminder. :)
    Zoey! What a pill- Though I'm sure you'll always laugh at the hole every year.