life without internet & cable

turns out day-to-day life is totally different when you are living without internet or cable at home.
have you tried it?
i mean, of course we "tried" it when we were younger and those things were a rarity in homes.
but now, everyone has at least one or both, and it's weird to not.

so why did we ditch both, you ask?
to be honest, i was just sick of paying for it.
sick of forking out $82 a month, and then $94 a month,
and eventually $105 a month for it.
you know how they do it,
they just creep up and up until you're paying double what you were paying in the beginning.
and that's lame.
so i said (after a few months of back-and-forth) be gone with you!!
and now it's gone.


now, in the evenings when both Jae and i are home, we don't get some dinner and sit down to watch a basketball game or catch up on DVR.
we don't search the web for awesome things for our house that we can't afford.

some of you may know this, but we still have two bedrooms that have not been painted/finished/organized/anything yet since we finally moved in our home 8 months ago. why haven't we finished up those two rooms? why have they remained closed-doors junk/storage rooms all this time?

two reasons: because we've been busy, and because we've been lazy. avoiding them like the plague.

well, now that our internet and cable is no more, what did we do last night after work?
we went through our "office" (it will someday be an office..) and started the finishing work to get the walls prepped for painting. how long has it taken us to do this???

well folks, if getting rid of the net and cable is what it takes to get those darn rooms finished, then so be it!

it's not even just about getting work done on our house, though. it's like all of a sudden we have time to make dinner or sit and chat about our day or play with the pup. our house is much quieter without the tv always on, and it's kind of really nice.

but i'll be honest, not having internet at home and not even having regular tv much less DVR is a little sad at times. it has put a little damper on my blogging habits.

someday i'll post about our Thanksgiving and our work at home and stuff. and perhaps there will even be pictures! just maybe.

until then, please love me anyway. and enjoy our sweet little tree :)


  1. This is awesome!! Way to go on getting started on the office! and your tree is beautiful :). We've never had cable, or t.v. for that matter but we're always renting movies and we have the internet. I am so hooked on the internet I don't know how I would survive, but it would probably be a really great plus in our house for sure!

  2. I just loved this post :) We get our Internet for free through our landlords, so we've never had to worry about it, but there are a lot of nights that I kind of wish we would just not be so technology-focused. And we've tried to ween ourselves off of it in the past, but then the habits will come back in full force. Maybe it's time for another FHE lesson on the subject, hee hee...

  3. Darling tree! So fun to see you last weekend! xoxo


    send me your email. I just started blogging haha :)

    love you!

  4. Jord and I don't have internet or cable. I've never been interested in forking out the dough for it. Buttt, there are lots of good shows on TV currently. :)
    Have you seen Nashville?

  5. oh man... i really wish we could do this. i just think vince would never go for it because then he'd have no sports! he'd die for sure. but i just wish our routine wasn't come home from work, sit on the couch with our laptops and watch tv. rinse, repeat. we do talk about trying not to watch as much tv and stuff... but its just hasn't happened. good for you guys!! when we move, if you want to come over to watch jazz games so you don't have to sit in your car and listen to them, you can ;)