...and then i talk some more about nothing

it just so happens i eat basically the same thing every morning for breakfast (monday-friday). and it just so happens this food involves syrup. and it also just so happens that i SPILL the syrup on myself and/or my desk and/or the floor every.single.day. it really really really irritates me. do you have any idea how hard it is so get syrup off your clothes

for how horrible mondays are (just for the simple fact that they're mondays), the work day almost always seems to go by fairly quickly. still haven't figured that one out.

i'm super stoked for Christmas this year. well, just the holidays in general. it's the first year we're in our own home to celebrate the holidays since we've been married! i've been picking up a couple things here and there to start making our house look a bit more festive. every holiday comes and i realize how much we lack in the holiday decor department. like, we have nothing. well, NOT this time!

i went to target the other day, and found like 17 sweaters that i wanted. it is like sweater city over there right now! i may or may not have planned (and bought) my Christmas presents for myself from my mother and mother-in-law. i mean, what was i supposed to do?

i absolutely love making lists. i already knew this about myself, but my co-worker pointed it out (again) the other day. lists are just my favorite organizational tool ever.

the day before Thanksgiving is officially the slowest day of work. like, ever.  agree?

my co-workers think it's the funniest thing ever to speak in an asian accent. admittedly, it is pretty humerous sometimes. i'm just waiting til the day comes when an easily-offendable asian walks by and hears them and let's them have it. it will be humerous too.

 nielson's frozen custard in Bountiful needs to lower their prices on concretes. they're just so delicious but too dang expensive. i'd buy them a heck of a lot more if they weren't an arm and a leg to buy. who's with me?

 speaking of being excited for Christmas, we set up our tree on Thanksgiving. *gasp!!* i know, i hate to trod all over Turkey day with Christmas stuff, but i just couldn't help myself. plus, we didn't even have a turkey dinner that day. and i am super happy to have a tree up. so whatevs.

we (as in just Jae and i) ate at Buca di Beppo for Thanksgiving dinner. it pretty much rocked. we stuffed ourselves silly with delicious italian food and got a free serving of mashed potates just for the heck of it. oh, and they have us our dessert for free too. have you ever eaten at the kitchen table there? it pays! we had leftovers for 4 days after. so.much.food.

we bought Zo Zo this little sweater a couple weeks ago. she just shivers and gets cold when we take her out places, so i decided to bite the bullet and get her one. trust me, i'm NOT one to dress my dog up in a bunch of doll clothes. but a sweater to help keep her warm when we go somewhere is ok, i think.

what does Zoey think of it?...
well, she totally hates it.
i put her in it anyway.
her grandpa told her the polka dots aren't flattering.
that's probably why she hates it. 

how was your thanksgiving? we had the pleasure of enjoying two full turkey meals. spoiled, i tell ya. i'll post on all the festivities soon. 

oh, and by the way.....if i'm slower at posting and just not blogging as much in general, it's because we finally said to HECK with paying for "extra" stuff, and got rid of our internet. we'll see how that goes.  


  1. Mara, I love and agree with everything in this post. Especially about Nielsen's, Have you ever tried their onion rings? So good! And for the syrup, you have always spilled on your clothes, so I don't think I have a solution.

  2. I like Zoey in a sweater! You're cute zo zo!

  3. cute post! i love making lists too..and i'll have to go check out target's sweaters! XOXO chaseandem.blogspot.com

  4. Oh NO--you've become on of THOSE people with the dog sweaters! Ha ha. I never thought I'd see the day...poor Zoey :)

    She does look pretty cute in it though!

  5. target is a dangerous place and its dangerously close to my work. but i just might have to go and see what they have (i do love me some sweaters...)

    yes, i'm totally a listy too.

    and lil' miss zo looks adorbs in her sweater!