malaysia {pt. the end}

friday/saturday: we kept the last couple of days pretty low-key. we took a short boat ride to another island just off the coast of kota kinabalu to do yet some more swimming and snorkeling. we also spent some time at the pool at the condo.

i know this one is almost identical to the one above, but i just had to post it for one reason - Elias.

dang, who is that hottie?
{i'm talking about that one with the floaties ;)}

Liam's most said quote from the trip: "Jae, you are always so silly!"

ready to get our snorkel on

it's a hard knock life for this kid when he has to spend the day at the beach

i could not get enough of this boy. he turned into a little fish on this trip.

Hattie decided Anne (her mother) needed dance-in-the-pool lessons. like, duh! so funny haha. Anne is such a good sport.

sunday: we took a flight to Singapore. our flight leaving Singapore didn't leave until Monday morning so we booked a hotel for the night. we got into Singapore around 230pm so we had the afternoon to get comfy in our hotel room and explore a bit. it's safe so say we would love to plan another trip back to vacation in Singapore. we didn't see much because of our short amount of time there, but what we saw, we loved. plus everyone was SO nice and helpful which is huge when you're in a strange, unknown country. there were lots of interesting food places and dessert stops just down the street from the hotel, so we took a walk around to check them out, but we just wanted to hang out and chill. our hotel had 2 pools, one on ground-level and one on the roof. the rooftop pool had views straight out to the ocean. plus the airport wasn't too far away so you could see plane after plane coming and they were super close. it was so awesome! then we got freshened up and hit the buffet! holy amazing buffet. we ate a.lot. it was the perfect relaxing day for just Jae and i.

that would be a caramel frappachino & chocolate banana muffin for ms. mara. in the airport awaiting our flight.

customary hotel room pic

pool #1

pool #2

had the pool basically to ourselves. it was so nice.

dessert & fruit spread!

monday: got on a plane, ready to head home :)


  1. Looks like a pretty amazing trip! Invite us next time, k? :)

  2. I love all your pictures! That pool looks amazing.