belated birthday date night

one of my bff's, miss mary, had her birthday while we were gone on our trip. so i wanted to take her out on a hot date when we got back.

we started the night with our classic go-to....wendy's. although the ketsup didn't want to play nice. (it totally squirted out, passed the little cup right on by, and landed nicely in the palm of Mary's hand. so funny.)

next stop: pedi's

and the grand finale....froyo.

{please disregard photo quality - they were taken with phones. also, you can disregard me. i was 1 day post-op, a little drugged, and looking fab. obviously.}


  1. You're always looking fab, my friend!

    P.S. We will indeed be coming home this weekend. Gotta catch my mom's Halloween party.

  2. oh man, the ketchup. so funny!

    thanks for such a fun night!!

  3. I think I like your froyo better! YUM!

  4. I like how the picture of Mary at Froyo, looks like she has a tiny flower hat.