fall 2012 photos

a couple of weeks ago, we spent a monday evening up in the beautiful fall canyon with Mary, taking some pictures. the colors were amazing. i have these pictures in black & white too, which i love, but the colors were to awesome to share them in just b&w. and of course, i hate narrowing, so here's pretty much all of them.

have a look :)

thanks Mary!!


  1. Oh man, I was trying to pick a favorite and couldn't because they're all just TOO AWESOME. Love these!!

  2. LOVE all of these!! They are Christmas card worthy for sure *hint hint*. Where is little miss Zoe? You'll have to throw her in a bunch of leaves and have Mary do a special Zoe sesh :)

  3. Gorgeous you two!

    Love the one of you two in the field standing side by side looking at each other. Cute, cute!