malaysia {pt. 3}

thursday: we went to the Mari-Mari culteral village. we've heard it's comparable to the Polynesian cultural center in Hawaii. we got a tour of all the different tribes of the Malay people, and their different ways of life. to sum it up - basically they like to make wine, their houses generally consist of grandparents, parents, and children altogether, and they have super cool dances/songs/chants. i'll let the pictures speak for themselves. (warning - i feel like there's an especially gigantic amount of pictures on this one. so good luck with that.) PS it was SO hot and muggy that day (not that that was different than any other day..)

there were chickens roaming. it was kind of a big deal for the kids.

we got married (again) in Malay fashion. plus Jae got to wear this sweet pink hat thing.

a birdcage (Chels, this one was for you ;))

Jae got to be named Chief!! he had to go before the rest of our group and convince them to let us in. good thing they liked him.

shooting "spears" into a hanging coconut target

it took me two tries, but i hit the bullseye!

tattoos. turns out they're pretty expert at angry bird drawings.

Hyde & Liam with angry birds, Hattie with hello kitty

the Chiefs tribal tattoo

i messed mine up about 30 seconds after it was done. dangit.

trying to learn their moves without getting his feet smashed in those wood poles

and to round out the day, Eli stuffed his face. it was pretty awesome.


  1. I esp. love the second to last picture of the whole gang and you in that headdress--too bad they probably didn't let you keep that, eh?

    I am loving these. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Thanks for the birdcage picture! So pretty. Looks like a fun interesting day.

  3. Yay for Malaysian second weddings! Haha! I love that pic with Jae and the pink head thingy!

  4. yeah, the pink head thingy looks very dashing on jae! seriously, this trip must have been so freakin' rad! i'm so jealous!!

  5. Your trip looks AMAZING! What a neat experience for you two to get to go & do together. Hope you had the best time. Loved all of your photos!