this one time i tried to make simple brownies and messed it up

leave it to me....

i was mixing the ingredients, getting it all ready to pour into the pyrex, and thinking it was looking/feeling a little thick. i'm no brownie/baking/cooking/anything of the sort expert, so i just went with it. after i had poured about half of it out into the greased pan, i realized i hadn't added ONE of the THREE ingredients...

i mean, come on, there's only 3 ingredients!

well, at least i noticed something wasn't right...right?
i wasn't sure how well it'd work to add the water at that point or how well it'd work to put the batter back into the mixing bowl, with all the PAM mixed in with it now, so i just decided to continue pouring, bake it, and see what happened. i had another brownie mix so i'd make that (the right way) too.

at that point, i wasn't sure whether i should take this as a sign to bake/cook more often and try to improve my (lack of) skills, or if i should just stop trying altogether.

so here's how both looked when they came out of the oven.
can you tell the difference?
probably not just by the picture, but honestly, you couldn't really tell in person either.
at least, i didn't think so.
i took both to family dinner, and everyone tried some of both.
and you know what?
some even preferred my dehydrated brownies better!
so there ya go.

in case you ever happen to forget to add water to your brownies, know that they'll probably still turn out ok.


  1. MMMMM...dehydrated brownies...wanna send me some?

  2. HAHA!!! You got me at the *forgot ONE of the THREE things* LOL. Baking actually really intimidates me which is why I usually avoid it.

  3. that is so something i would have done, my friend. sometimes i amaze myself with my cooking/baking skills (or lack thereof). maybe when i'm in b-town in a few months we can work on our skills together!!

  4. Well thanks cause im over here fretting right now cause I forgot the h2o smh!!

  5. Thanks! I substituted applesauce for the oil, but forgot the water. Here's hoping they turn out...

  6. if they still taste like chocolate then it is still good

  7. i just did the same thing. glad this was the first thing that popped up from a google search of 'what happens when you forget to add water to brownie mix' bc now i'm not worried :)

  8. just did it too...they taste great