zoey - 6 months

no, i don't have a human baby, but yes, i do have a puppy baby!
and for that reason, i shall blog about her and her 6 month birthday.
just go with it.

she got two new toys - moo cow and dolphin.
(we're really creative with names - they get called whatever animal they are. oh and she's already chewed dolphin's tail apart).
as well as her cute new gold collar (which was in a post a few days ago).
her toys have squeakers in them, and she goes crazy over them.
she's gotten so big, but not as big as her ears!
she's, at times, mistaken for a bat.
or a rat.
or a mix of the two.
either way, she's adorable and sweet and a little turd.
and we love her!


  1. HAHA! I love the updates on your cute Zoey baby. Please get her a shirt that says '6 months' and continue updating monthly until a year, like people do their human babies! That would be hilareous :D

  2. haha! maybe i need to get me a puppy-baby too since the human-baby making isn't working out too well for me as of yet! zoey sure is a cute lil' stinker!