bear lake - mini reunion

i finally got the rest of the bear lake photos uploaded to my computer.

i'm calling it a mini reunion for two reasons:
1 - we were missing two family members.
2 - the entire trip lasted about 36 hours.

too short.
it was seriously perfect weather.
i could've stayed there for another week, at least.
now onto the pictures.

Grandpa was "watching tv" with the kids. River decided he needed a hat & pillow while "watching tv" ;)

Petrice came up for the day with her cute kids!

little Eli. how cute is he? and no, he's not really that little ;)

i have to make these next two extra big so you can see their faces....all 12 of the grandkids. so funny!

emphasis on the ears...

Liam randomly mooned us. it was SO.FUNNY. i couldn't get a picture quick enough - he had just pulled up his shorts.

and for my favorite picture from the trip..........


  1. Yayay! Finally you post pics. That was so fun getting to play with you guys :) Thanks so much for the invite! Too bad I missed the mooning Liam surprise!

  2. Oh, so THIS was the Bear Lake thing you were telling me about. Wish we could have made it! Looks like a blast :)