back to reality

hey there.
we spent the last couple of days at the Lake of Bears (as Jae calls it).
aka Bear Lake.

i've always loved that place, but when i'm up there, i remember just how much i really do love it.
we got home late last night, and today we're back at work.
i'm sleepy.

i'll share the fun pictures and events from the Lake of Bears soon.


  1. Oh, jealousy. Even though I was just up at Bear Lake, I'm totally itching to go back already. It's SOOO pretty up there right now.

    Remember all those fun times up there with the Rileys? We were crazy.

    1. we stayed at riley's cabin :) just seeing the duck room brought back all those memories.

  2. cuuuuuute pic, can't wait to see the rest!