rodeo & BBQ

only in West Bountiful do you have rodeo's for church ward parties.....

it was a new experience for Jae and i, and it was pretty fun :) we got to be on the committee to get it all planned. we held it on the adjoining properties of a couple families, and it was perfect! we realize more and more every day how we so do not fit in in this cowboy farm territory haha. luckily my whole family came so they helped us feel slightly less out of place.

besides the BBQ part, the activities included:
*chicken chase
*pig chase
*muttin bustin (no, i had no idea what this was at first)
*petting zoo
*horse riding
*dunk tank
*a shoot-out
*a rodeo clown

geez, is that enough? it was quite the party and there were TONS of people. and it was a blast!

the BBQers, Jae and Cody

the clown getting ready

sooo many people

chasing chickens!

chasing pigs

Elias liked to just look at the chickens

Hyde got in on the muttin bustin action. my picture taking was too slow.

Zack refused to smile.

little Hana girl hit all 3 targets with the paint ball gun. stand back!

that's what you get for being in the bishopric....dunked.

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  1. oh sad! i wanted to come to this! i guess i wouldn't have been able to anyway because of essie's baptism, but still a bummer!! looks like it was a good turn out!