baked beans

as part of our duties for the rodeo we helped put together, we were in charge (mostly Jae) of making baked beans. he got an awesome recipe from his brother that we used. i don't even like baked beans, but these, i'll eat!

you'll need:
2 cans Bush's baked beans
1/2 an onion
1/2 green bell pepper
1/2 pound bacon 

we obviously made a (lot) larger serving for the rodeo crowd.
eight cans of beans!

make sure to chop up the onion and green pepper in little tiny pieces. put them in a pot with some oil until they're a nice brownish color

the trick with the bacon is to make sure you cook the bacon separately first so it's nice a crispy and then chop it up in little pieces too and add it to the pan with the onions and pepper. (it is a messy, messy job cutting up that cooked bacon!)

{Jae likes to add some of the bacon grease to the pan to soak in the onions and pepper a bit. it's really healthy and stuff ;) he also adds a couple other things to the pot, but i'm sworn to secrecy. sorry!}

when those are all mixed together, just add in the beans and keep it on some heat to make sure the beans are nice and warm and everything is mixed well. and that's it! of course, i didn't actually get a picture of the finished product. oops.

they're obviously best to eat right after you make it, so you get more crisp in your bacon with the softness of the beans. mmm it really is good, which i never though i'd be saying about baked beans.

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