Frederickson family pictures 2012

while my entire family has been around the last few weeks, we decided to do an impromptu family picture session by miss Mary.

it was super casual and super easy. and super sunny :)

(all names are left-right)

Parkinson's - Elias, Anne, Hyde Maxwell, Jerod, Hattie, Liam

Worley's - Waco, Kennedy, Jamie, Elizabeth

Yeates - Quinn, Tyler, River, Kellie, Milo

Moyes' didn't get their own picture - they're on the far left -
 James, Zack, Clara, Hana, Susan
and of course - Grandpa Hyde and Grandma Kathy in the middle

yes, we had our own family picture done too.


  1. Are those skinny jeans I'm spying you looking HOT in?! You look great in skinnies! ;) I love seeing your family photos.

  2. So cute! Now the real question is, when is Miss Mary going to come take a picture of MY family?

  3. you guys were the best group to work with, seriously easiest and quickest family shoot EVER!! love you guys!!