inspiration friday

yes, this quote is from hunger games. if you think that's dumb or cheesy, so be it. but the beauty and truth in this quote remains the same, regardless. 

i want to first, recognize these moments more often, and then embrace them fully for what they are. because they don't happen every day.

i'm in a sort of thoughtful, lovey, reflective, deep, almost-too-cheesy mood today, can you tell? :)

in other, not-so-mushy news, it finally happened to me. a lot earlier than i expected, might i add.
i ran out of picture-upload-storage space.
you might've already guessed that happened, as evidenced by my (lack of) any sort of header on my blog!
well, besides just our name. and that doesn't exactly count.
don't worry, i bit the bullet and bought more space.
but until (hopefully) tomorrow, i can't add any more pictures, which means no header just yet.
until then, ignore the lameness.

happy friday!

1 comment:

  1. it is a good quote for sure! good luck with your new header -- let me know if you want any assistance. mine are always kinda simple, but its fun to create your own (plus i like to change mine a lot, so its easier for me to just make them myself).